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Paying off more than one debt at a time is not uncommon.But if you’re struggling to balance your debt repayments, debt consolidation may well be worth considering.

With a personal loan you’ll have just one repayment to make every week, fortnight or month over a set term – you can usually choose your own frequency of repayments.

And if the interest rate on the personal loan is lower than your credit card rates – and they often can be – this can help you get ahead in reducing your overall debt.

You will know your rate before you apply by clicking on and completing the short form on the credit check page.

You will receive your rate within one minute and this rate won’t change when you continue and submit your online application. This could be anything from a holiday, home improvements, household furnishings, car purchase or repairs, auto upgrades, debt consolidation, educational expenses, medical and cosmetic surgery, dental surgery, mortgage cost funding, vehicle deposit funding, and even a wedding, funeral or sporting equipment.

Plus, this loan has a set end date meaning that you’ll know exactly when it will be paid back by.