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Save decided to check out a list of practical, yet super sweet, gifts that you can make on your own without costing you so much money you have nightmares about how to survive till your next paycheck!

It’s all about appreciating your beloved and showing them how much they truly mean to you. These gifts can all be made using tools or items which can be found at home, leftovers that are conveniently sitting in the storeroom or bought at affordable prices from their respective stores.

So you’ve been dating some time and it’s time to start rolling out the gifts to your significant other to show how much you care.

If money is no object to you; you’ve probably already gift wrapped that Tiffany bracelet or tickets to the Maldives; but what if you really care and yet your wallet isn’t quite working with you?

As there are other items you can accumulate in your inventory, other than the date gifts themselves, there will not be enough storage spots available to store all of the date gifts than can be gifted to the player character.