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Under this authority, the FBI may participate in joint undercover activities with other law enforcement agencies and may operate a proprietary to the extent necessary to maintain an operation's cover or effectiveness. General Approval Standards: Any official considering approval or authorization of a proposed undercover application shall weigh the risks and benefits of the operation, giving careful consideration to the following factors: (1) The risk of personal injury to individuals, property damage, financial loss to persons or businesses, damage to reputation, or other harm to persons; (2) The risk of civil liability or other loss to the Government; (3) The risk of invasion of privacy or interference with privileged or confidential relationships; (4) The risk that individuals engaged in undercover operations may become involved in illegal conduct restricted in paragraph IV. below; and (5) The suitability of Government participation in the type of activity that is expected to occur during the operation. Undercover Operations Which May be Authorized by the Special Agent in Charge (SAC) (1) The establishment, extension, or renewal of all undercover operations to be supervised by a given field office must be approved by the SAC.

Undercover Operations Which May be Authorized by the Specia1 Agent in Charge (SAC) C. The FBI, through the development of internal policy, may choose to apply these Guidelines to certain confidential informant, cooperating witness, and cooperating subject operations by referring such matters to the Undercover Review Committee pursuant to Section IV, Paragraph (D)(6).

(2) Former subsection, Supervision and Evaluation of Undercover Agents is renumbered as

(3) Subsection is revised to clarify the specific starting date for the 90-day period when operational and financial reviews are first required to be conducted during approved Group I and Group II undercover operations.

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