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Not exactly austerity and I certainly never condone wasting food, but that’s the culture and who am I to argue against that – especially with my appetite?So let’s take you through a day chronologically; many Maltese, especially working men, often skip an early breakfast, choosing instead to go to drink sweet tea and eat one of the naughty pastizzis from any one of hundreds of shops offering them all over the islands.

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What is the essence of Maltese cuisine and who is taking it to the next level?

Firstly let’s get one thing out of the way; the portion sizes here are epic… I had to check that I wasn’t expected to eat the whole lot.

I’m taken by my guide to ‘the best’ in Rabat, just below the walls of the incredibly atmospheric medieval city and ancient capital of Mdina – it’s called Crystal Palace, presumably not after the London footie team but some Moorish dwelling of old! The pastry makes for lovely, naughty eating with a strain on the morning metabolism for someone used to porridge, but the tea launches energies back up again.

Now, pastizzi is essentially a flaky pastry pasty similar to the Cornish variety, and either filled with peas or cheese. Mdina is a glorious walled city (and the most sought-after postcode in the country) with winding narrow streets, elaborate balconies, bougainvillea-clad facades and horse-drawn traps (tourist traps!

Rent a boat and enjoy being on the deep blue waters of Malta’s islands What are some things you love to do on Malta?