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If the date feels like a hook-up, that’s probably what he’s seeking.

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Let’s examine the big picture, as seen from the evolutionist’s perspective.

Evolutionists maintain that life evolved as a single cell, our last universal common ancestor (LUCA), billions of years ago.

SAN FRANCISCO — The Edward Snowden effect just made an encore, thanks to a report Yahoo has been scanning incoming emails on behalf of U. On Wednesday a federal law enforcement official told USA TODAY that the government directive ordering Yahoo to scan customer emails was issued by the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court. Unresolved issues While the Yahoo saga is still developing, the questions it raises show the dilemmas faced by companies with a voracious need for data about their customers but also a user base that might turn on them should they find the companies have aided the government in spying on them. Multiple recent legal battles highlight the tension. It's expected the ruling will be appealed possibly all the way to the Supreme Court.

A federal appeals court later ruled the bulk collection of phone data was illegal under the Patriot Act, but the damage to the reputation of U. Some of the most recent include Microsoft's purchase of Linked In and Salesforce's interest in the professional network as well as Twitter (both seen as plays for data); aggressive expansion into cloud computing by Microsoft, Google and Intel; and a stream of artificial intelligence-powered devices like Google’s new Pixel phone and Home speaker, which aim to use your responses to make a "personal Google."With an estimated 1 billion active users a month worldwide and 81 million active Yahoo Mail users in the United States, Yahoo is a nexus for such data. that oversees requests for surveillance warrants for foreign intelligence purposes. government over user privacy on the one hand and the need for intelligence in an age of terrorism on the other.

Now keep in mind that evolutionary scientists are not in the habit of questioning whether or not apelike-creature-to-human evolution occurred.