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Around 1900 Zeiss lenses were licensed by Bausch & Lomb (Rochester), F. In the Western countries it was known as aus Jena (means from Jena), and used obvious abbreviations, or other names reminding the past (for ex. In the countries of the Eastern block, they continued to use the full names.

Carl Zeiss Oberkochen made lenses for the Western Zeiss Ikon after the war, but they have also made dedicated lenses for other camera marques.

He further refined the instrument with the incorporation of a rack and pinion coarse focus and fine focus enabled by a graduated wheel.

Considered the finest optical instruments of the time, different magnifications were obtained by inserting eyepieces of varying lens strength into the monocular head in combination with different objectives.

A Bausch & Lomb 1898 Model BB recently sold for just over $2,000 and other models sell as high as $10,000.