Dating after becoming a widow katie couric dating john molner

Batya, his wife of ten years and the mother of his five children, thought she knew Gershon.

Only after Gershon drowned in the Mediterranean on his 40 birthday, October 4, did the truth, or tantalizing glimpses of the truth, start to emerge.

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” The woman continued: “Your husband came to me with money every month and a list of names.

I would call the people and they would come to me to pick up the money.

When he arrived, Alex Strategos couldn’t have been happier. Soon Alex Strategos’ son believed that his new Internet lover was behind it.

Although Melissa Friedrich was an older woman, she had beautiful dark hair and brows and still had a voluptuous figure. Eventually, it was discovered that Alex Strategos was being poisoned. Melissa, aka Millie, had actually stolen thousands of dollars from the well-to-do old man.

They had a romantic dinner at a nearby restaurant, and then they returned to his room. At last count, Alex Strategos thinks she stole almost $20,000 from him.