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Dating a rolex by serial number

However, I believe the main reason this was done (as well as a lot of other watch experts and gurus) is because the pressure put upon what serial letter it has is unwarranted, thinking it will give an exact year of manufacture to the purchaser when it doesn’t necessarily matter.

Much like jewelry, the condition of a Rolex is much more important in value than the year it is thought to be manufactured, with exceptions of course.

But any chart or list you may find is a guesstimate at best and can only give you the roundabout date of when it was manufactured at the Rolex factory.

They will be close, but it is quite impossible to know for sure with each individual watch.

The public’s only clue is the date listed on the papers or card on the day it is purchased from an authorized dealer, but even then that is only the date sold new and not the date of manufacture. Rolex subsequently change the serial number system to what are called “Randoms”, or sometimes “Scrambled”.