Dating a guy with a wandering eye

" Zinczenko explores the age-old problem of men having wandering eyes and what that implies about their intentions (to cheat or not to cheat? Zinczenko concludes that it's not the brightest idea for a man to openly ogle other women when he's walking hand-in-hand with his significant other (news flash), but doing so doesn't necessarily mean that his heart isn't in the right place. Looking is not touching, nor does it always imply the intention of touching.

So for the most part, significant others can relax about that side of the subject.

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Dating a guy with a wandering eye

I know that women appreciate good-looking men as well, but their attraction is often from those men opening their mouth and talking. You’ll notice it when they lean in, This usually isn’t deliberate or to cause jealousy.

The attraction is a natural response, an unplanned feeling with no malicious intent.

We’re seen as Neanderthals who can’t keep our eyes in check.

The truth is that women look just as much as men — albeit in different ways. Physical appearance is our initial attraction switch.

So I have to ask…is the blame even warranted for either side?