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10/11 Ronnie Scott’s London, England 10/12 Ronnie Scott’s London, England 10/13 Ronnie Scott’s London, England (First American tour after disbanding the original big band) 10/14 Travel to US 10/15 Town Hall, New York Poster 10/16 Pineview Acres Pottsville, PA 10/17 Famous Ballroom Baltimore, MD 10/18 Fredonia College Fredonia, NY 10/19 Mid-Towers Hotel Rochester, NY 10/20 Mid-Towers Hotel Rochester, NY 10/21 Frigate Club Harrisburg, PA 10/22 Frigate Club Harrisburg, PA 10/23 Juniata College Huntington, PA 10/24 Off?

10/25 Off 10/26 Brandi’s Wharf Philadelphia, PA 10/27 Brandi’s Wharf Philadelphia, PA 10/28 Brandi’s Wharf Philadelphia, PA 10/29 Brandi’s Wharf Philadelphia, PA 10/30 Brandi’s Wharf Philadelphia, PA Photo 1 10/31 Brandi’s Wharf Philadelphia, PA Photo 2 Photo 3 Article p.1 Article p.2 November 11/1 Langley High School Mc Lean, VA 11/2 Harmar House Cheswick, PA Ad 11/3 Harmar House Cheswick, PA 11/4 Harmar House Cheswick, PA 11/5 Harmar House Cheswick, PA 11/6 Buffalo, NY 11/7 Off?

Willard Libby visited Lindau and lectured two times, first at the physics meeting in 1971 and then at the chemistry meeting 1974.

See more » 'Harold & Maude' is one of those 'sleeper' films that just seems to resonate that bit more with every passing year.

The 1986 revival was hosted by Elaine Joyce for its first season and Jeff Mac Gregor for its remaining two seasons.