Contact info about domesticdating abuse

Even in the absence of a formal complaint, the College may be able to provide assistance to the complainant with respect to his or her academic, living, transportation, or working situations.

The College Power and Control Wheel is a tool developed by the Haven Project at Indiana University of Pennsylvania to identify ways in which an individual can experience an unhealthy and/or abusive relationship in college. Everyone deserves a relationship that is healthy, safe, and supportive.

This tool was inspired by and adapted from the Domestic Abuse Intervention Project Power and Control Wheel. If you are in a relationship that is hurting you, it is important for you to know that the abuse is not your fault.

Pasadena, TX [email protected] Officer 8060 Spencer Hwy.

Pasadena, TX [email protected] of Student Development - Central Campus 8060 Spencer Hwy.

Your partner may be quick to anger and blame others.