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She slowly grew close to her father through the time they share.

She learned the truth about John's plan to have children to form a circle from Balcoin blood. After the death of her mother she move to Chance Harbor to stay with her grandmother who welcomed her with open arms.

The titular second episode of the first series and the penultimate episode of the second series focus on Cassie; the former focuses on her mental state and the latter focuses on her relationship with roommate and best friend, Chris Miles.

The show's producers and writers discussed her character and described her centric episode in an interview with The Independent as about "how she gets through her day without eating ...

Amelia was the only family Cassie knew for the rest of her childhood years.

Cassie and her mother were very close thought out the years.

She finally met him though she wasn't too happy to see him due to his dark past and his absents from her life.