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Heard phones the police, who found 'no evidence of any crime'.

It can be difficult to ascertain if bruising or skin lesions have been caused as a result of non-accidental injury (NAI) and a discussion must take place with the duty Consultant Paediatrician resulting in a clear decision about how to proceed.

Further discussion and advice should be sought from the Safeguarding Lead within your agency however this must not delay urgent medical treatment or any actions required to protect the child (or other children who may also be at risk).

Of course, while Jenna's claims are unconfirmed, being abusive toward one woman does not automatically mean there is a history of abuse with other women. However, I find it unbelievable that you would be suggesting that I should have considered going to the authorities instead of social media.

Jenna responded to John's statement to reaffirm her accusation.'Travis abused me,' she said. Going to the authorities means having Travis arrested, going to jail, charged with a felony, losing his career and possibly losing his kids.'She went on: 'I chose not to do this, and continue not to do this because I have addressed my message to domestic victims everywhere.

He has been very good friends with Aria since they were very little, having many play dates and get-togethers, and knows her parents very well.