Brendan fehr dating majandra

I’d never worked on anything that had the kind of stakes that this show had…

In 1999, the WB (now known as the CW) premiered a little show called ‘Roswell.’ Based on the popular Young Adult books of the same name, the show followed a trio of teens who befriend another group of teens, but their new friends turn out to be aliens.

The show ended in 2002 — and now, 11 years later, we look back at the cast of the series and see where they are now.

is another old friend of Majandra’s who has been a great influence on her. They still remain close friends and even shared custody for their pekenese dogs Wednesday and Wolfman.

and Majandra used to date while together on ‘Roswell’.

“I rounded the corner as he was peeing and was like ‘What’s happening?

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