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There’s no fluff, just lots of information and photos on specific events, attractions and locations.In a rare move for many travel bloggers, he accepts no money for endorsements or promotions so you can be sure that his opinions are truly his own.Barrow is the, er, Big Daddy of Thailand blogging and although we’ve linked to just his flagship site above, he has other sites on such subjects as Thai prison life, Thai Buddhism and Thai festivals. One of the first travel bloggers in Thailand, his work commands a lot of respect among locals, expats and tourists.

Spend time discussing the special holiday traditions, religious rituals, favorite cultural foods and symbols and anything else that you would like to see remain in your home.

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Other than this aspect, did you like being a trainer at Tiger? Do you think this happens, that some trainers don't pay much attention to individual students because so many of them come and go so quickly? It's mostly walk-ins, and some of my old students have followed me.

This isn't because they were there a long time, as in wage increases based on seniority? I know [another famous trainer who left the gym as well], he had been a big-name fighter, he was at Tiger a long time and he took care of the customers, but still he made only 12,000. But some people didn't take care of their students as well as they could have because, you know, the salary was different. Everyone would start at the same amount and the trainers would be given raises every year based on performance and seniority. Did the trainers do that sort of thing when you were a young fighter? When I was a fighter, I didn't pay money to my trainers. With all the gyms in Phuket, are there enough customers to go around? But it's going to take time for our gym to get big, maybe three or four years. And then the trainer shows up only five out of 10 times maybe, because the trainer is lazy and already has the tickets.

I kept in touch with a few trainers I'd met during my first visit in early 2014. Some of the students weren't happy, I think because the trainers expected too much of them. Does management have a rule against trainers dating customers? You still have to be professional during training, of course. Some people stay a long time, but a lot of people stay only for a week or two. The customers send money through Paypal to Tiger before they arrive. And all levels of Muay Thai, advanced, beginner, fighter. I think it's good because at the end of the month, everyone's tired from working and training.