Asus m2n sli deluxe problem updating bios sex dating in weld maine

Updating BIOS is usually not necessary unless it addresses a particular problem you have.

Also, if you aren't using AHCI already on your PC, you would have to change that in BIOS and you may have to make a registry change to get it to work.

So do not be surprised if you find both company names together on the BIOS setup screen.

I also tried to use the Crash Free Utility, still no luck..

Like I said, I'm no expert and don't know if this idea is workable or not.came to mind.

Some people have been using the AM3 CPU's like the x4 955 & 965 in these motherboards w/some little work arounds.

I welcome new members of all motherboard types to join the club and encourage you to contribute by sharing your wealth of knowledge.

Sometimes it takes a re-set or two to get the Bios update to take hold...doesn't make any sense..doesn't seem that that would be needed if update was done correctly, but it happens occasionally anyway.