Ancient polyploidization predating divergence of the cereals Sexchat boy girl

Paleopolyploidy is the result of genome duplications which occurred at least several million years ago (MYA).Such an event could either double the genome of a single species (autopolyploidy) or combine those of two species (allopolyploidy).The MRE11 protein is a component of the highly conserved MRN complex, along with RAD50 and NBS1.

ancient polyploidization predating divergence of the cereals-76

Using large-scale whole-genome microarray data, we systematically analyzed expression divergence patterns of rice genes from block, tandem and dispersed duplications.

We found a significant difference in expression divergence patterns for the three types of duplicated gene pairs.

Genetic integrity is well preserved majorly through condense packing genetic materials into chromosomes (Ding et al., 2004; Mc Kee, 2004; Jordan, 2006).

In spite of few variations, the numbers of chromosomes in eukaryotes often varies in a relatively small range.

Because of functional redundancy, genes are rapidly silenced or lost from the duplicated genomes.