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The temperature of any object is due to the balance of heat entering and leaving it.

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Only in recent years, however, have scientists come to understand how viruses work on a molecular level.

That has given them the ability to engineer viruses, safe enough to test on humans, that also know how to seek out and destroy hard-to-find cancer cells. David Stojdl, a senior scientist at the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario. It hides from our immune response.” The Maraba virus, genetically modified in Ottawa laboratories, has the ability to sense the difference between tumour cells and normal ones, then attack the cancer with the help of the body’s own immune system. Brian Lichty — began investigating cancer-fighting viruses when they worked together at The Ottawa Hospital 15 years ago.

Three of the researchers involved in the clinical trial — Dr. The clinical trial, unveiled Friday, is the culmination of their enduring collaboration.

“We found that when normal cells become cancerous, it’s like they are making a deal with the devil,” Dr. “They acquire genetic mutations that allow them to grow very quickly, but these same mutations also make them more susceptible to viruses.” The clinical trial, which is scheduled to run until November 2017, will enrol up to 79 patients whose cancerous tumours have resisted conventional treatment.

It will use modified versions of the Maraba virus — first isolated from Brazilian sandflies — in combination with the Adenovirus, derived from the common cold virus.