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Her first hit movie was The Whole Nine Yards, which co-starred Matthew Perry.

Since then she has appeared in a string of movies including Syriana, Saving Silverman and Something's Gotta Give.

At the same time, she has the bright idea that Oz should sell Jimmy out to his Hungarian enemies and sends him packing to Chicago to arrange the deal.

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Also along for the fun: Patricia's husband of four months, actor Thomas Jane. - People Online: Girls' Night Out Pals Sheryl Crow and Courteney Cox Arquette receive a cultural education – well, at least a comedic one – at the Borat premiere.

- People Online: Power Puff Girls Hilary Swank and Lisa Kudrow show that they both got the memo for quilted-black-coat Tuesday while on the New York City set of their film, P. "I'm a huge fan, every character he does," Cox Arquette told PEOPLE about Baron Cohen.

Having broken new ground with 'The West Wing', Aaron Sorkin cemented his reputation with a show that savaged American TV. 'There's a culture war going on,' the famously maniacal screenwriter tells Benji Wilson On the walls of Aaron Sorkin's office on the Warner Brothers lot in Burbank are black-and-white photographs of Arthur Miller, Tennessee Williams and George Bernard Shaw.

The room is a far cry from the archetypal writer's garret.

From that position he would be gazing up at Miller, Williams and Shaw, and it's not that great a leap to imagine him looking to them for guidance.

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    Jones, who is the operator of the website Info Wars, has come under fire for claiming that the victims, 20 of whom were children, were played by actors.

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    Amelie (2001) Dir: Jean-Pierre Jeunet Cast: Mathieu Kassovitz, Audrey Tautou Cert: 15 Time: 117 mins In a nutshell: This gorgeous, whimsical French fancy owes more than a little to Jane Austen's Emma.

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    Then Bam Margera grabs his full beard with a handful of super glue. While the setup was funny to watch, seeing the jokesters detach from one another is one of the reasons that Dunn will be missed so much. If anyone questions Ryan Dunn's alcoholic tolerance, they have obviously not seen this video.