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It is a story about ordinary people, including me, maybe even you, and definitely 19 others within a radius of one kilometre of the desk at home on which I am writing this. We Chat, weixin 微信 or ‘micro-letter’ in Chinese, boasts 650 million monthly active users (out of 1.1 billion registered accounts).That’s less than those on the world’s most popular messaging app Whats App (900 million) and on Facebook Messenger (800 million).Extimacy is back with We Chat and it happens "in real life"With We Chat, users can manage their "real" friends while controlling what they share with the world.

In the case of geolocalization, there's always one basic element of relevance: the fact that you live in the same area.

Zou Tong, lead manager of Linked In’s We Chat account, shares the secrets which helped him grow Linked In’s We Chat account to 1 million followers within 1 year.

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We've been using Twitter for more than six years now.

Recent Ontario court decisions have confirmed that posting a defamatory statement on a micro-blog, even if subsequently deleted can be seen as “publishing”, a necessary component to establishing defamation.