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When she was only nine years old, she saw Ronald nude and he made her hold his penis while he urinated.

For reasons which follow, we affirm.“ ‘On appeal from a criminal conviction, the evidence must be construed in the light most favorable to the verdict, and the appellant ․ no longer enjoys a presumption of innocence; moreover, an appellate court does not weigh the evidence or determine witness credibility but only determines whether the evidence is sufficient under the standard of Jackson v. For example, the victim testified that Ronald would often walk around the house wearing no pants or shorts.

Viewed in this light, the evidence shows that the victim was the Kelleys' niece, who had lived with them since the age of nine.

According to the victim, Ronald would often ask her to take her shirt off and would become angry and say that he would deny her presents or other items she wanted in the future if she did not comply.

Anderson, Assistant District Attorney, for appellee. A jury found Ronald Kelley guilty of child molestation and sexual battery of his 16-year-old niece. The victim said that Ronald's attempts to either see her naked or touch her began when she was 14 or 15 years of age.