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ASL – Asking a stranger for their Age, Sex and Location BF / GF – Boy Friend / Girl Friend BFF – Best Friends Forever B4N / BFN – Bye for Now BRB – Be Right Back BTW – By The Way F2F – Face to Face FML – F*** my Life FTW – F*** the World GTG / G2G – Got to Go GR8 – Great HO – Hold On IDC – I Don’t Care IDK – I Don’t Know ILY / ILU – I Love You IMO / IMHO – In My Opinion / In My Humble Opinion IWALY – I Will Always Love You JP – Just Playing L8R G8R – Later Gator LMAO – Laughing My A** Off MYOB – Mind Your Own Business NM / NVM – Never Mind OMG – Oh my God POS – Parent Over Shoulder ROTFL – Rolling on the Floor, Laughing RME – Rolling My Eyes SMH – Shaking My Head S2R / STR – Send to Receive STFU – Shut the F*** Up TY – Thank You TTYL – Talk to You Later UR – You Are or You’re WE – Whatever WTF – What the F*** WTG – Way to Go YW – You’re Welcome There are lots of different variations and unique codes and acronyms which teens use to have secret conversations or send inside jokes.

The best way to know what someone is talking about with an acronym is to take a few guesses first and then ask the sender or recipient what it means.

Lubbock police arrested Tarvinn Williams on April 27 after Facebook records showed he tricked a 17-year-old girl into having sex with him by posing as a woman on Facebook and recruited her into a prostitution enterprise. According to an arrest warrant, transcripts of a May 18, 2016, Facebook chat obtained by investigators showed a woman identified as Samantha Pena recruiting a 17-year-old girl into joining an escort business she has been running for two years in Lubbock. Pena told the girl it was legal in Texas and asked the girl for “some body pics of (you) it’s for my eyes only,” the warrant states.

On May 17, a federal grand jury returned a four-count indictment against Williams that included three counts of enticing of a minor to engage in prostitution, one for each girl, and a count of production of child pornography. Pena sent the girl a nude picture, which was also sent to other girls.

Teens use many acronyms when texting each other or chatting online.

By now, we’ve all heard of LOL as it refers to “laughing out loud” and terms such as “ASAP” have been around since before the internet or text messages existed.

Teens who have lupus often feel especially alone and isolated. And it's hard to know what's worse - having a facial rash or having pain no one can see, so you look normal but are suffering.