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“When folks are brand new to kink, this is the room I recommend.” Upon entering, you’ll come across oversized mirrors and a bondage table, which is a nice cushioned space used to restrain your partner horizontally, stretch them out, and do whatever your heart (and libido) desires.

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Chicago Dungeon Rentals’ owner, Sophia Chase, guided us into a discreet building located in the Logan Square neighborhood -- the location is not made public and there is a vetting process to gain admission to the space.

She first gave us the finer points of BDSM -- that’s bondage, dominance, submission, and masochism for the layperson.

Enjoy summer festivals, outdoor concerts, theatre, parks, etc.

Numerous apartments are available please check for up to date, real-time listings.

What if we told you that Chicago is also home to, not one, but two exclusive sex dungeons?