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If you do have something to share please do email me or perhaps join the forum to contribute to the project.

In 2004, the Society also began publishing its very successful annual journal, "The Dursley Lantern", a high quality publication containing articles of local interest.

I hope this isn't a problem, and that we can find more time to talk about it. SHUTTING DOWN Giulia's calls became more frequent and more frantic.

Thanks, Giulia "It's fine, Giulia," I said when I called her back. It doesn't sound like a big deal." "You don't think it's too much? I don't want her to think I can't handle this." She was impatient and cold, as though she were interrogating me. She forwarded me several email drafts a day, most only a sentence or two. Her anxiety about what to say in an email monopolised her day.

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