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But I was wrong." Sarah Jarvis is 59 and has four grown-up children and four grandchildren.

Attractive, slim and smartly dressed, she has been divorced from her lawyer husband for 15 years, and had resigned herself to a series of uninspiring dates with overweight, balding men of her own age at home in Chester.

"At 54, I was unused to the attention of young men, especially a handsome one in his 20s," she says.

"Our eyes connected as I told myself not to be silly - he couldn't possibly be interested in me.

John says there has been a huge change in society’s attitudes towards the sex industry — and women are increasingly willing to pay for company and sex.

JOHN This balding, middle-aged Co Antrim grandfather wants to change the public’s image of the male escort business.

Co Antrim man John, 57 (who preferred not to give his surname), openly advertises his services as a male escort online.