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So maybe we could have a conversation about our mutual love of tea, or anything else for that matter!

Hey everybody, i don't know what to put here ^///^ ,ok so i'm new in this website and please help me here, emmm i'm from France means i'm not that good at speaking english, but i'll try my best :p. Changed back to Bisexual but still feel more Lesbian but enjoy having a sexy cock now and again! My neighbor has put subliminal messages in my mind.

Enjoy your stay and be sure to sign the guest book upon departure. (yes, i get that this is a ‘sex chat’ site, but a genuine connection sure beats a one-time mindless fuck.

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PS: i'm an anime lover and i'm so much into Hentai ;) . She controls me now, and I do things I never thought I'd ever do I'm bi, and I like black men, I also like henta...

Stop sending friend requests, if i want you as a friend, i will request. substance is sexy.) quirky, sarcastic, witty, intelligent, & u... I'm married to a very vanilla man, and have recently found out I like bad things.

I had a difficult time growing up having to handle lots of mental health issues and now I'm here to give someone a friend to speak too, even if you just want to complain about everything to get it off your chest. My life has been a roller coaster ride so far and I'm thankful to god that he has always been there when there was no one to hear me out.

If there's something you'd like to know about me, you're always welcome to ask! I have overcome & experienced enormous things in my life which i believe, can help you to overcome your obstacles. Hello i deal with breakups/intimacy issues/work stress/depression/loneliness only.

i will talk to you as if im talking to a dear one and help you overcome whatever demons or ghosts your playing with in your mind or in life .