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Our journey begins with a three-minute video of embarrassingly high-production quality.

Alas, one self-described "6'4" passionate businessman" wants you to back away from the dating apps and accompany him on a three-day trip to anywhere in the world you'd like to go. And thus, Should You Date was born: a single web page littered with stock photos and featuring 3,000 words (he notes feeling suffocated by Tinder's 500-character limit on bios) describing his many...

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First of all, Nate is a 31-year-old "passionate business guy" and, like .

He's into meditation and women who "like to engage their intellect." (Ever notice how any guy who specifies that he likes "smart women" often believe that women, in general, are not very smart?

Click here to sign up Hey Denver presents an opportunity for connection and community with a conversation about great sex with awful people! How do factors like age, culture, stage-of-life, etc. Please click here to RSVPThe status quo on number of partners in sexual and intimate relationships appears to be changing. We want to make sure that we don't hit capasity so please RSVP here! Anyone may participate at this event, and we need your friends to help too (hint! Wrangler Beer Bust is one of the most popular weekly events in Denver.

And it can be increasingly difficult to decide if you’re a one-Tinman-kind of guy or you prefer the whole gang. What are the physical and emotional benefits and drawbacks of each? Hey Denver staff, volunteers, and friends of Hey Denver will be the official pourers for this event, circulating with pitchers and refilling cups for attendees, socializing and creating a positive presence- and our participation in beer bust raises money for Hey Denver!

- A man who is suspected of sexually assaulting women he met on Internet dating sites and other websites was advised of a felony charge against him in Jefferson County court on Monday.