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We checked out a ton of LED kits available to find the best way for you to light up your build. Whether you’re looking for a single color LED strip or a RGB solution to light up your build, we highly recommend the Deep Cool RGB350 LED Kit.Priced at just .99, it’s only a few dollars higher than most single color LED kits but offers so much more.A hand trigger consists of a button or switch that is connected to the camera via a wire that is set to fire the camera's shutter.

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Lucky for them, there’s also plenty of LED lighting options to bring the party to the PC too. Cold cathode light tubes, basic LED strips and LED fans have been used to light up builds for well over a decade now.

But with more and more users showing off the inside of their clean builds, it was only a matter of time before RGB hit the interior lighting space.

The amount of knowledge a person can obtain from properly setting up trail cameras is almost incalculable.

From a land and wildlife management point of view, trail cameras are one of the best tools to utilize.

Ground plates or tripods are typically used for remote cameras placed on the ground.