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And there was the guy who literally chewed on my tongue while we were making out (and in a good way).

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There was the guy who was so arrogant that despite him having one of the prettiest dicks I've ever held in my left hand, I couldn't make it past a second date with him.

There was the guy who didn't get any of my jokes and lived in what I imagine Freddy Krueger's basement bachelor pad would probably look like.

” *cough* Ariel Winter *cough* TBH, I’ve learned a lot from thots over the years, like which facial expressions will make me look the most like a baby prostitute (important) and that the limit to extra-ness does not exist. ***Please note: by “selfies” I don’t mean, like, actual pictures you can take yourself. Oh how the going through something, she still looks damn good in her bikini selfies. You’ll need to, like, actually know your angles and shit.

But if there’s one thing I can take away from their Instagram accounts, it’s how to take a fire bikini selfie. You’ll one hundred percent need a loyal friend and/or fellow shameless person to take these pictures. posing half-nude on Instagram and captioning it with shit that is irrelevant to the fact that I can practically see her vaginal lips on my Instagram feed. Anyway, apparently Ariel likes to call herself a “role model” for young girls, and if by role model she means “showing them how to pose for the nudes they send their boyfriends” then, yes, she absolutely is one. If you want to literally do the bare minimum (hi) then you’re gonna want to hit up Emily Ratajkowski’s Instagram for inspiration, because she is a master at looking hot AF while doing nothing—a goal we all strive for in life. Her favorite pose is to use whatever friend she’s dragged along on her drug-induced vacations as a prop. You basically just lie there and try and look sexy, an area I have tons of practice in, as this is low-key also my strategy in the bedroom. The key is to slightly perch on an object—too much of a perch and you might see belly rolls, but too little of a perch just makes you look like you’re awkwardly standing.

We know that Abhinav is seeing the lovely actress who is playing the lead role in Shakti – Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki but this was indeed hilarious.