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Steam Punk Time Machine: Through some strange phenomenon, you’ve been transported to a mysterious room at a London railway station in 1898.

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Can you make it out before the Dark Lord and his followers get to it first?

Book Now Buy Voucher Difficulty - 9/10 While exploring the tombs of the Pharaohs, you and your team of archaeologists have accidentally triggered the ancient Egyptian summoning ritual of Anubis, God of the underworld. We managed to escape but it was only do to the fact..." click here to read full review "Pretty sure that this is one of my top two favorite places to do escape rooms at.

“Nobody knew each other coming in, and a few days later they were all best friends,” says Reisig.

Not only did they make “camp friends,” many stayed in touch after filming wrapped, forming “real relationships — the type of relationships that we often do not form post-college,” says Reisig.

the HEIST: You have slipped past heightened security at the estate of a well-known Gangster to recover the precious Gemstone from this Crime Lord who stole it first from the Tower of London.