100 dating desperate wives

Kind, intelligent, funny and attractive, Helena had a way with words and a devoted set of friends. She had a great hit in America and Europe with a book called The Sex Factor In Marriage, which financed her innovative medical practice.

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They’ve been saying they would love to spend time with anyone that they can label as their girlfriend/lover/fiance/wife.

These men have worked themselves up into such a frenzy to find a woman to label this way that they will take anyone.

Your character then progresses through episodes, completing tasks that range from gardening and cooking for your family, to discovering the secrets of the neighborhood.

The new wife must battle off a love rival to her husband as his secretary, Jackie Marlen, stops at no costs to get what she wants as well as cranky neighbor, Etta Davenport.

Edie Britt first introduces the wife to Wisteria Lane and visits Bree Van de Kamp, who invites her to gossip at her house along with Susan Mayer, Lynette Scavo and Gabrielle Solis.